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Get in contact with us well before moving in or out of your residence.

Call our customer service 060-600 50 20 if you need more information.

Call our customer service 060-600 50 20 well in advance before moving in to your new residence.

Please contact our customer service well in advance before moving in so that we can sign a new contract for your new residence. This is to make sure that we are moving you to the correct address and that the power is on. Note that signing a new electricity contract does not automatically terminate your current contract.

Before you call us

This is the information we need from you:

  • Social security number and customer number
  • Name, address and telephone number
  • Apartment number

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Terminate your electricity network contract by calling our customer service 060-600 50 20 or by filling in the form below.

The electricity network contract is linked to a particular residence so you have to terminate your contract even if you are moving within Sundsvall Elnät network area.

We have no period of notice and you can terminate your contract either by calling our customer service or by filling in the form below. Your electricity supplier contract is terminated when you cancel your network contract, but according to the general contract terms you still have to contact your electrical supplier.

Information in swedish.

  • You can find the code (18 digits) on your invoice.
  • You can find your customer number on your invoice.
  • Type your social security number number in format of: yymmddxxx
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    Filling in your new address here does not change the address of you your network contract. You still have to contact us about moving and sign a contract for your new address.
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According to the ordinance on electricity price compensation, the Swedish Government has decided to compensate the households that in December 2021 and January and February 2022 were affected by increased electricity prices. With the decision, the electricity network companies in Sweden have been commissioned to handle the administrative procedure for electricity price compensation, and in April we expect to compensate the first households in our electricity network area.

Who will be compensated?

Households that have consumed from 700kWh and more in December, January, February are entitled to compensation, according to the chart produced. You can find the chart here

How will i compensated?

We, at Sundsvall Elnät, will exclusively compensate affected customers with a deduction on future invoices, also called credit. This means that no money will be paid to you who are affected by the compensation. In cases where the sum for the compensation is higher than the invoice amount, the remaining amount (credit amount) is transferred to the next invoice / invoices, until the total amount of the compensation has been deducted

When will i be compensated?

To be able to compensate you who are affected, we first need to receive the funds we applied for at the “Chamber of Deputies” and the possibility to apply started on 15 March. When we have received the funds we can begin the process of compensating and our goal is for the first customers in our electricity network area to be compensated on the invoice created in April. At what time you are compensated depends on which invoice interval you have, but no later than December 2022.

Useful links

The  Swedish Government Office provides answers to common questions

Read the regulation on electricity price compensation

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to apply for the money?

No, you do not have to apply for compensation. This happens automatically and if you are within the range for compensation, we will credit the next invoice / invoices with the amount you are entitled to.

When do I receive the money?

First, Sundsvall Elnät needs to receive money from the Chamber of Deputies. Then we can distribute them, in the form of deductions / crediting of invoices.

Can you combine your consumption for these three months?

No. The compensation is calculated per month. For example, if you have consumed 500kWh per month, you cannot combine this.

How much do I get in compensation?

It depends on how much electricity you consumed during December, January and February. See ”the price list” for the correct amount.

Consumption (kWh) Compensation per month (SEK)

700 – 899 = 100

900 – 999 = 200

1000 – 1099 = 300

1100 – 1199 = 400

1200 – 1299 = 500

1300 – 1399 = 700

1400 – 1499 = 900

1500 – 1599 = 1100

1600 – 1699 = 1300

1700 – 1799 = 1500

1800 – 1899 = 1700

1900 – 1999 = 1900

2000 eller mer = 2000

Where can I see my invoices and keep track of this?

By logging on to my pages, you can view your invoices and see your consumption.

I want the money paid into my account, how do I proceed?

Sundsvall Elnät (we) does not pay any money. The compensation will be paid by deductions, also called credit, on future invoices. If the compensation exceeds the amount on the invoice, your excess credit amount will be deducted from succeeding invoices until the full compensation has been obtained.

How are the deductions / credits made?

The compensation is made via deductions on future invoices. If the compensation exceeds the amount on the invoice, your excess credit amount will be deducted from subsequent invoices until the full compensation has been received.

I moved in December / January / February. Do I receive compensation for the time I lived at the address?

You who have moved will receive compensation for the time you lived on the address and the compensation will primarily be used as a deduction / credit on the final invoice you receive from us. Should it turn out that your compensation exceeds the total amount of the final invoice, you will receive a letter from us with further information.

Do you get the compensation if you have several homes? Holiday home and residence?

Yes. The support applies to all private households / facilities that have consumed more than 700kWh during December 2021 and January and February 2022.

Do I who live in an apartment also receive compensation?

The support applies to all private households / facilities that have their own electricity network agreement and consumed more than 700kWh during December 2021 and January and February 2022. The apartment owner in a tenant-owner association with communal electricity is not entitled to electricity price compensation. The same applies to you who live in a rental apartment where the electricity is included in the rent.

I have a debt with you, can you use the compensation to pay my debt?

You can not use the compensation to pay previous debts. This can only be adjusted against future invoices.

Is it safe to trust the electricity meter reading?

Yes, you can trust the meter reading. Your compensation is based on the consumption you have been invoiced for.

My electricity meter is standing still, how can you calculate what compensation I should have?

If your electricity meter is standing still, no electricity has been paid for and you will accordingly not be compensated. When your electricity meter resumes metering, we will compensate you for consuming more than 700kWh during the period December to February according to the chart produced.

You have not been able to read my meter, what happens then?

We work continuously to read electricity meters that, for various reasons, have not been able to deliver meter readings to us. When we have a reading on a meter, you who have consumed more than 700kWh during December 2021, January and February 2022 will be compensated.

Why do they get support with a fixed contract? They have not been affected by the price increases, have they?

Those who have fixed price agreements have a kind of insurance. They have paid more each month for a long time to insure against unexpected increases and in addition, the prices of new fixed price agreements have now gone up. Even those who spread the cost of this over a longer period of time should be entitled to compensation.

Can electricity price compensation be relevant for more months if electricity prices continue to be high?

No, it is not relevant at this time. The Government’s proposal for extended electricity price compensation for March only applies to electricity price areas three and four, in other words, southern and central Sweden. At you can read more about this.

How many customers are affected?

Close to 9000 customers in our network.