When you move out

Terminate your electricity network contract by calling our customer service 060-600 50 20 or by filling in the form below.

The electricity network contract is linked to a particular residence so you have to terminate your contract even if you are moving within Sundsvall Elnät network area.

We have no period of notice and you can terminate your contract either by calling our customer service or by filling in the form below. Your electricity supplier contract is terminated when you cancel your network contract, but according to the general contract terms you still have to contact your electrical supplier.

Information in swedish.

  • You can find the code (18 digits) on your invoice.
  • You can find your customer number on your invoice.
  • Datumformat: MM snedstreck DD snedstreck ÅÅÅÅ
  • Datumformat: MM snedstreck DD snedstreck ÅÅÅÅ
    Filling in your new address here does not change the address of you your network contract. You still have to contact us about moving and sign a contract for your new address.
  • Processing of personal data
    When entering an agreement with Sundsvall Elnät or in another way use our offered services, do we process your personal in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Your personal data will not be collected and registered under a longer period than strictly necessary and only for those purposes which are lawfully allowed and applicable. Sundsvall Elnät collect your necessary personal data in order to be able to fulfil our obligations against you.
  • Detta fält används för valideringsändamål och ska lämnas oförändrat.